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ALU-Line NEWS 2020  Packaging for pharmaceutical, diagnostics and health technology products

Aluminium-composite Bags and coverings
Top-notch quality, safety, and hygiene are indispensabile when it comes to packing highly sensitive products. We guarantee that all of our bags and coverings are free from hazardous substances. In our bavarian production plant we adhere to all current hygiene standards. All of our raw materials are tested and sourced from Germany or Europe.

During the production process, our bags undergo regular quality controls.We are of course ISO:9001 certified. Safety and technical data sheets are available for all of our products.





Sicher. gut. verpackt.

Protect your products from

✔  humidity
✔  ultraviolet light
✔  ambient air
✔  dirt
✔  mechanical factors.

Ströbel packaging can be

✔ customised, printed and labeled.

Made in Franconia, Germany

Flexible and European
All ALU Line bags and coverings are made in our own production plant in Langenzenn, Germany. This means that we are able to manufacture the product to your exact specifications. Stock items can be shipped within 24 hours, if necessary.

Experience counts

Ströbel has been producing packaging for over 40 years.
With this extensive experience, we can provide reliable packaging solutions for health technology, pharmaceutical and diagnostics applications, such as:

Test kits for in-vitro-diagnostics and clinical diagnostics, testing devices for medical laboratories, ventilators, health technology products, pharmaceutical powders, granules and additives, food, dietary supplements, etc.

Packaging tailored to your needs

In order to help you find the packaging that perfectly fits your product, we offer the following customisable formats:

  • ALU-Line flat bags with or without zipper
  • ALU-Line multi-chamber bags
  • ALU-Line stand up pouches
  • ALU-Line side gusset bags
  • ALU-Line coverings and box inserts

For more information about printing,
colour and other options, please do
not hesitate to get in touch!....


Always there for you 

Info Hotline +49 (0)9101 99420 or  

PDF Download 

for pharmaceutical, diagnostics and health technology products

Bag types

Flat bags

  • Flat shape
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for fully automatic
    filling operationsng

Stand Up Pouches

  • Ideal POS packaging
  • Freestanding
  • Includeziplock

Side Gusset Bags

  • Sturdy
  • Outstanding firmness
  • For POS displays

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