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Aluminum composite film bags

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Customized packaging

Aluminum composite film by Ströbel

Aluminum composite film bags provide your products with optimal protection against moisture, ultraviolet light, dirt and mechanical factors. These bags also retain their shape, lock in aromas, and have a pleasing appearance. Packaging is subject to numerous regulations concerning matters such as hygiene, the use of suitable raw materials, food safety and so on. To ensure that these requirements are met and that the quality of the finished product is optimally preserved, we obtain all of our materials from German suppliers.

As we make all of our aluminum composite film bags in our own plant, we can provide you with bags that meet your exact specifications. We recommend that aluminum composite film bags be sealed with heat sealing tongs.

Packaging bags can be used for:
bulk items, fluids, pastes, solids, aromatic products, products that are sensitive to moisture and light...

We offer a wide range of customized packaging-bag solutions:

Bag options

All of our bags can be made using PET, AL, PA/PE, or OPA.
1) Vacuum or pressurized, 2) Monochrome (various colors available), 3) Available with a different material on the front and back


Draft of our stand up pouch (to fill in the measurements)
stroebel_stand-up-pouch_EN.pdf [2.47 MB]

Draft of our stand up pouch (example)
stroebel_stand-up-pouch_example_EN.pdf [1.64 MB]

Bag formats

Flat bags

  • Flat shape
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for fully automatic
    filling operationsng

Stand Up Pouches

  • Ideal POS packaging
  • Freestanding
  • Includeziplock

Side Gusset Bags

  • Sturdy
  • Outstanding firmness
  • For POS displays

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Additional products...

» Heat sealing tongs

  • High quality sealing
  • Easy to use
  • Sealing time can be set
  • Can be used for all types
    of sealable material
  • Ready to use in a jiffy

» Desiccants

  • Robust protection
  • Create an ideal atmosphere
  • Meet DIN 55 473 requirements
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