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Aluminum composite film coverings

  • Amazingly easy to use
  • Top notch protection against corrosion
  • Reliable from start to finish
  • Long service life
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Products should always be shipped with a protective covering

Hauben aus Aluminiumverbundfolie

When used with our Topdry® desiccants, custom made aluminum composite film coverings provide optimal protection for your machinery in that the coverings create a layer that safeguards the machines against the external environment. The desiccant keeps the air in the packaging dry. As no chemical substance is released inside the packaging, this method can be used for just about any type of application.

Ideal for shipments over long distances.
Ideal for shipments over long distances.

When you use Ströbel aluminum composite films, you can be sure that your machines will arrive at their destination corrosion-free. And when it comes to storing machinery or spare parts, when used with desiccant, aluminum composite film can protect machinery, parts and the like against environmental factors for up to ten years.

You can count on us to devise the optimal packaging for your machinery. All we need to do this are the dimensions of your machines.


Example of application

Block bottom hood

  • Particularly suitable as an
    insert for cartons or crates
    and for filling bulk items.

Box hood

  • Ideal for covering goods which are arranged on pallets
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Container inserts

  • Ideal solution for 20 and
    40 inch containers

Box inserts

  • Ideal for top-filling operations

Create & Query your hoods Create & Query your hoods

360° Example: Large Box Hood

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