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  • Provide top notch protection for sensitive components
  • Ideal for long-term storage
  • Suitable for vacuum packagings
  • IPC/ JEDEC conformant
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topdry EMI-Shielding

ströbel EMI topdry Folien

Our Topdry EMI shielding bags provide top notch protection for electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDS) and are particularly suitable for use outside of electrostatic protected areas (EPAs). When sealed, these bags form a so called Faraday cage that blocks voltage spikes. Thanks to a special multi-layer that is impermeable to moisture, these bags provide outstanding protection against moisture and electrostatic charging.

Long term storage. Our » Topdry™ desiccant bags absorb the moisture in barrier layer bags, and protect your products for storage periods ranging up to five years.

EMI shielding film is the ideal solution when it comes to vacuumizing your packaging.

Topdry EMI shielding bags are the optimal solution when it comes to protecting highly sensitive controllers, circuit boards and other electronic components.

Can be used in and outside of ESD protectedareas (EPAs)

  • Non-transparent
  • With ESD warning
  • Can be sealed and re-sealed
  • Film thickness: 100 microns

As we manufacture all of these bags at our own German plant, we can make them to your exact specifications. All flat bags can be made with or without a zip lock, flap or self-adhesive closure.

We can also imprint your company logo on the bags.


Info brochure "ESD protective packaging" [PDF, 3.25 MB]

Flat bags

  • Flat shape
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for POS packaging

Side gusset bags

  • Can be used as box inserts
  • For loose products
  • Large filling volume
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Additional products from our ESD film portfolio

» Volume conductive films

  • Minimize electrostatic charging
  • Surface resistance:
    104 to 105 ohms
  • For electrostatic protected
    areas (EPAs).
  • Easy to seal

» Low-charching

  • Surface resistance: >1011ohms
  • For applications inside
    electrostatic protected areas
  • Extremely easy to seal

» topshield

  • Surface resistance: >104 to <1011 ohms
  • Sealable or re-closable
  • Film thickness: 75µ
  • EN 61340-5-1 conformant


» Ströbel topdry

  • Robust protection
  • Create an ideal atmosphere
  • Meet DIN 55 473 requirements

» Humidity indicators

  • Easy to use
  • Cobalt chloride free
  • Reach compatible
  • In accordance with
    JEDEC standard