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g-log Datenlogger

  • Intelligent tracker
  • Across the board data evaluations
  • Tamperproof - password protected
  • Logs and stores mechanical stresses
    and environmental factors
  • 24 month battery life
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It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that products are free of defects and are delivered strictly on time.

Needless to say, you want your products to be delivered in mint condition. So it’s all the more important to keep a watchful eye on them after they leave the factory.

This intelligent tracker reliably detects all shipping and storing irregularities.

The g-log data logger records accelerations, impacts and vibrations. The timeline of each acceleration event is recorded in all three axes (length, width and height). Temperature and humidity can also be logged using an external combination sensor.

This makes the g-Log Data Logger an ideal instrument for seamless monitoring of the shipping process, since with one device you can log both mechanical stresses and environmental factors.


  • Shock measurement in all three axes
  • Detailed Shock timeline with time stamps
  • Temperature and humidity logging via external detectors
  • Dew point calculation
  • 24 month battery life
  • Tamperproof - password protected
  • Sturdy aluminum housing; easy to mount
  • Analyses are extremely simple to realize using the device software
  • Generous data storage capacity

g-log tech info

General   3 axis curve recorders for acceleration measurement  
Unit of measure   ºC or ºF  
Measuring sensor   Internal temperature sensor  
Housing   Anodised aluminium, splash-proof IP65  
Dimensions   145x80x29mm  
Weight   approx. 470g  
Battery  2 x UM3 lithium thionyl chloride 3.6V  
Power consumption, standby   approx. 60µA  
Power consumption, measurement   typ. <30mA, max. 50mA  
Battery life   > 15’000h  
Memory   Non-volatile, SRAM with support battery  
Memory capacity   4 MB (approx. 9000 shock events and 400,000 climate values) 
Saving mode, shock   When the memory is full, the smallest values are overwritten  
Saving mode, climate   Fixed recording time  
Internal sensors   Acceleration (shock, vibration), temperature  
External sensors   Climate sensor (temperature, humidity)  
Digital IO  none 
Control elements   Internal start/stop, e-versions with external keys  
Displays   2 LED red/green (alarm status, device status, measurement active), external in e-version  
Programming   with LogView PC software  
Measurement start / end   Programmable or with start/stop button 
PC connection   RS-232, 57600 Baud, USB 203400 Baud  
Operating range   -30°C or 85°C 


Acceleration sensor    
Unit of measure  
Measuring sensor   Internal micromechanical sensor, static measurement of acceleration  
Measuring interval 1   Continuous readiness, adjustable trigger threshold  
Measuring range   sth1-35: -35g to 35g
sth1-70: -70g to 70g 
Wake-up time   Typ. 1 ms, max. 2ms (from reaching trigger threshold to recording)  
Trigger threshold   sth1-35: 0.4g to 5g
sth1-70: 2g to 20g  
Resolution  0.3 % (of measuring range)  
Precision   1 % (of measuring range)  
Measuring axes   Triaxial (X,Y,Z)  
Event duration   Automatic  
Automatic   2 kHz (sampling frequency = 0.5ms)  
Frequency range   Adjustable (programmable filters)  


Internal temperature sensor
(for shock measurement)  
Unit of measure   ºC or ºF 
Measuring sensor   Internal temperature sensor  
Measuring interval   Temperature measurement during shock event  
Measuring range   -40°C to 85°C 
Resolution   1°C 
Precision   3°C 
Sensor location   internal 


Climate sensor (external)    
Units of measure   ºC or ºF / %RH  
Measuring sensor   External combined sensor (Hygromer® C94, Pt-100)  
Measuring interval   Programmable, 10s to 10h  
Temperature measuring range   -40ºC to 85ºC  
Temperature resolution   0.04ºC 
Temperature precision   ±0.3ºC 
Humidity measuring range   0%RH to 100%RH  
Humidity resolution   0.04%RH  
Humidity resolution   ±1,5%RH (±1.0%RH with SCS certificate) 
Protection class   IP 65 
Cable length   max. 2m 

Outstanding reliability

All data are stored in the g-log data logger’s non-volatile memory, which means that the data remain in the memory even if the battery goes dead. All programming actions are password protected and all changes are logged, thus rendering measurement readings tamperproof and allowing for immediate detection of any manipulation attempt.

Sturdy housing
Our g-Log data loggers were developed specially for use under severe conditions. The device’s measurement electronics are protected by a sturdy, watertight aluminum housing (IP 65).

Rent a data logger

You are not sure whether g-log is just the right solution for your shipping monitoring needs? No problem: we also provide rental of data loggers. Feel free to contact us!

Scope of delivery

Data logger

  • Sth2-XX / sth2-XX E (shock and temperature: inside, temperature/humidity: outside)


  • LogView / LogView Professional: programming, data analysis and logging software for all g-log data loggers
  • LogView Lite: free of charge viewer for LogView data files

Accessories / spare parts

  • PC data cable (RS-232C or USB)
  • External sth2 sensor
  • Supply cable for external sth2 sensor, 2m
  • Supply cable for Hygroclip, 10 cm (for Hygroclip fasteners) Hygroclip fastener kit (2 pcs.)

Calibration and maintenance service

  • Basic check, electrical device testing,  battery replacement and sensor calibration; issuance of certificate (3 measurement points)
  • Issuance of calibration certificate for external sth2 sensor