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High performance VCI films

  • Very easy to use
  • Active protection
  • Save time and money
  • Have been used successfully in the
    auto industry for more than seven decades
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Very easy to use

Corrosion protection with Ströbel VCI films

Your products may be exposed to temperature fluctuations, high humidity, water vapor formation, as well as dust and dirt during shipping, with the result that they may undergo corrosion more quickly than you’d like. This may result in product damage or defects that can cost you considerable time and money. In order to ensure that your products reach their destination in a corrosion-free state, you need to be sure you’re using exactly the right packaging.

VCI films actively protect against corrosion. How these films work:

Evaporation of the VCI compound coats the packaged products with a film that protects metallic elements and the like (including difficult to reach areas) against corrosion during all production, storage and shipping phases.

This also saves you time and money, because there’s no need to oil or wax the parts – which of course also no longer have to be cleansed of oil or wax. VCI film packaging also enables you to store spare parts for lengthy periods. Various VCI products can be used, depending on the size of your product.

Once products are clean and dry, package them as soon as possible.
Always wear gloves when packaging metal parts.
Maintain a maximum 30 cm clearance between VCI packaging and metal surfaces.

The lifetime of VCI protection is strongly affected by whether additional packaging is used, as well as by ambient conditions during the shipping and warehousing phases.

VCI packaging can be briefly opened for monitoring purposes, as the protective atmosphere regenerates from the VCI packaging compound.

Our VCI packaging products are not hazardous to health!

Pursuant to the certificate of the Dresden Corrosion Protection Institute (a testing institute of Technische Bergakademie Freiberg), our VCI products do not contain secondary amines, but only primary amines, which do not form nitrosamines, and thus comply with the German TRGS 615 regulation.

Please note: Since VCI, however, is a chemical substance, always wear gloves when working with VCI. Please discuss the relevant safety data sheet with the packaging personnel prior to using VCI products.

VCI products come in a variety of forms

» Coverings

  • for machines
  • for installations
  • for industrial products

» bags

  • For small parts
  • Moisture resistant
  • Moisture repellent

» paper

  • can be used as an
    intermediate layer
  • for wrapping up products
  • can be used as a covering layer