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  • Surfaceresistance: <10^11 Ohm
  • For applications inside electrostatic protected areas (EPAs)
  • Extremely easy toseal
  • Info

No electrostatic charge or discharge

ESD-protection: Low-charging

The main purpose of low charging protective films is to prevent electrostatic charges and discharges.

Electrostatic charges are caused by friction between two materials, and this in turn results in electrostatic discharges, as in the aforementioned example with the car door.

Low charging protective films are LDPE films with anti-static additives that reduce electrostatic charges and discharges. The use of antistatic films is sufficient for purposes of dust protection, as well as packaging for non-sensitive components/products such as switching cabinets and wires/cables that have a high level of inherent protection.

However, we recommend that our » topshield shielding bags be used for all sensitive controllers.

If you need customized low charging protective shells for circuit boxes, devices or machines, contact us, because we can make these shells to your exact specifications at our plant in Langenzenn, Germany. You can also choose from our large selection of zip lock and non-zip lock standard flat bags, which are available from stock.


Info brochure "ESD protective packaging" [PDF, 3.25 MB]


Box hood

  • Ideal for covering goods which
    are arranged on pallets

Box inserts

  • Ideal for top-filling operations
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Flat bags

  • Flat shape
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for POS packaging

Side gusset bags

  • Can be used as box inserts
  • For loose products
  • Large filling volume
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360° Example: low-charging zipper bag

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    360° Example: large low-charging box hood

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      Additional products from our ESD film portfolio

      » topshield

      • Surface resistance: >104 to <1011 ohms
      • Sealable or re-closable
      • Film thickness: 75µ
      • EN 61340-5-1 conformant

      » Topdry EMI shielding

      • Provide top notch protection
        for sensitive components
      • Ideal for long-term storage
      • Suitable for vacuum packagings
      • IPC/ JEDEC conformant

      » Volume conductive films

      • Minimize electrostatic charging
      • Surface resistance:
        104 to 105 ohms
      • For electrostatic protected
        areas (EPAs).
      • Easy to seal