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Ströbel Öko-Line

Öko-Line umweltfreundliche Kaffeeverpackungen
  • Environmentally friendly coffee bags
  • Recyclable
  • Made of FSC certified paper
  • Quick delivery times
  • Trendy brown kraft paper
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  • Bag formats
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Think green – use paper!

Coffee bag with coffee beans and valve

Thanks to today’s advanced technologies, we are able to offer our customers aluminum-free aroma preservation bags. The material we use for these bags is a composite of brown kraft paper and barrier film. This barrier is made of environmentally friendly PE film laminate, which requires less energy to produce than is the case with aluminum. Our Öko-Line coffee bags feature highly effective oxygen barrier that maximizes product shelf life and protects against microbes.

Bag printing precisely to your specifications

Looks simply splendid – thanks to flexo printing

We partner with German printing companies to ensure that your aroma preservation bags are imprinted to your exact specifications and look simply splendid. Our partners use a printing method (flexo printing) that is ideal for coffee and food packaging, and all inks are tested to ensure that they are safe for use in such packaging.


Side gusset bags with valve

Stand up pouches with zipper & valve

250 gr. 100 + 65 x 265 mm 125 gr. 125 x 210 + 39 mm
500 gr. 117 + 65 x 340 mm 250 gr. 160 x 240 + 46 mm
1000 gr. 142 + 75 x 390 mm 500 gr. 200 x 280 + 60 mm
    1000 gr. 240 x 330 + 65 mm

Bag shapes and sizes to your precise specifications
We see to it that you obtain the perfect aroma preservation bag for your coffee beans. For example, exactly the right bag for POS displays, as well as for cafes and restaurants, in the guise of 3, 5 or 10 kilogram bags.


New: Info brochure "Aroma preservation bags" (12 pages)
stroebel_aroma preservation bags_2016_web.pdf [2.06 MB]

Draft of our stand up pouch (to fill in the measurements)
stroebel_stand-up-pouch_EN.pdf [2.47 MB]

Draft of our stand up pouch (example)
stroebel_stand-up-pouch_example_EN.pdf [1.64 MB]

Technical Datasheet Ströbel Öko-Line brown
TDB-Oekoline-brown_PAP-E-EVOH-E-20150715.pdf [269 KB]

We make two types of aroma preservation bags

Stand Up Pouches

  • Ideal POS packaging
  • Freestanding
  • Include ziplock

Side Gusset Bags

  • Sturdy
  • utstanding firmness
  • For POS displays

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