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Polyethylene films

  • Meet TL 8135-0019
  • Meet DIN 55530 requirements 
  • Extremely versatile
  • Very easy to convert

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Versatile low density polyethylene (LDPE) films

Countless environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, dust and the like can adversely affect product quality. This almost invariably provokes customer complaints that can cost you a great deal of time and effort. The best way to ward off such problems is to use exactly the right packaging.

LDPE film can be readily converted into a broad range of products, such as the following:

  • LDPE flat bags
  • LDPE side gusset bags
  • LDPE coverings
  • LDPE sheets

LDPEs are suitable for countless uses.

When combined with » desiccant, they provide optimal protection against moisture and corrosion for both shipping and storage. LDPE films are suitable for a broad range of purposes, including the following:

  • As a protective barrier
  • As a barrier against moisture
  • Packaging
  • Coverings

Feel free to contact us for further information. We’ll be happy to help you determine exactly which type of LDPE film is ideal for your products.

Beware of discount prices

LDPE films are in great demand owing to their versatility. As a result, various vendors now sell films at budget prices.

Such vendors tend to sell 200 micron films that are in fact only 180 or 190 microns thick. And of course the prices of these films are lower. But when you buy such films, you may not be getting what you ordered. When you buy our films, however, we always provide the exact thickness specified; although we cannot match of course the budget prices of other vendors that in fact short-change you by providing films that are thinner than they’re supposed to be.

When it comes to LDPE packaging film, you can count on us for quality!

When you buy LDPE packaging films from us, you get exactly what you ordered. Our 100 and 200 micron LDPE films meet TL 8135-0019 requirements. They are tested in accordance with TL guidelines and thus meet TL and DIN 55530 requirements, which call for maximum strength tolerance of plus or minus 5 percent.

LDPE film products

» Coverings

  • for machines
  • for installations
  • for industrial products

» Bags

  • Versatile
  • Provide reliable protection
  • Flexible packaging solution