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  • The inexpensive way to monitor impact sensitive shipments
  • Reliably detects impacts and vibrations
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Shipping monitoring

Shockwatch® reliably detects all shipping irregularities.

It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that products are free of defects and are delivered strictly on time. Needless to say, you want your products to be delivered in mint condition. So it’s all the more important to keep a watchful eye on them after they leave the factory. The impact indicator on the ShockWatc®h device changes from white to red if the device detects strong vibrations during the shipping process.

We recommend you to use the ShockWatch® warning label (in English, French and German), which is available as an accessory item, to make sure that your customer understands the information provided by Shockwatch®. Impact indicators help you to save time and money.

  • Impact indicators help to reduce damage during internal and external transport processes by motivating workers to exercise greater care.
  • Impact indicators are a simple tool that reduces repair costs and complaints.

It’s quick and easy to choose just the right Shockwatch® device for your shipment. You can download complete information concerning our impact indicators » here (pdf).

Please provide the following information to your customer!

On arrival all goods must be inspected carefully for any signs of damage!

  • Do not refuse delivery of a shipment if the indicator is activated (red).
  • If any Shockwatch® item is red, insert a comment to this effect on the delivery documents and have the delivery person countersign your comment.
  • If any damage is discovered, leave packed items in original packaging and request immediate inspection by carrier.

Information concerning claims for damages:

  • Road transport: Carrier/Driver must fill in the relevant information on the original transport documents, indicating carrier’s name and number plate of the truck.
  • Rail transport: Ascertainment of the facts by the German national railway company (Deutschen Bahn AG)

Deadlines for complaints:

  • externally visible damage: immediately
  • externally not visible damage:
    road transport: within 6 days
    rail transport: within 7 days

What are the advantages of using ShockWatch® equipment?

  • ShockWatch® helps to cut down on improper handling of goods. In many cases, the use of ShockWatch® equipment has reduced shipping damage by more than 50 percent.
  • ShockWatch® immediately indicates, at the place of delivery, that shipping damage may have occurred.
  • The shipping damage claim process is greatly simplified, as it is for the most part conducted between the shipper and recipient.
  • ShockWatch helps to reduce the frequency of damage claims or allows for their refutation.
  • Your customers will have greater faith in you, for they’ll know that their goods will be delivered to them intact.


Shipping monitoring - Info PDF [1.36 MB]

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