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  • Extremely accurate
  • Reliably detect damages caused by tilting
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  • Affixing
  • Companion label

Completely accurate and reliable

Tiltwatch detects untoward tilting during the shipping and handling process. These tamper-proof indicators reliably show you whether your cartons have been kept in their proper upright position during the shipping and storage process. If the carton is tipped too far, the indicator shows a red arrow, which cannot be reset. The indicator is activated by removing the activation lock. Each indicator has a serial number so as to prevent tampering.

Tiltwatch is resistant to temperatures and moisture and has a long service life for stored products.

Each Tiltwatch unit comprises the following:

  • A self adhesive tipping indicator
  • A DIN A5 warning sticker in three languages
  • Shipping documents sticker

Helpful hints for affixing Tiltwatch indicators and warning stickers

Anbringung des Tiltwatch Indikators

Be sure to affix Tiltwatch indicators to the side of the box that is likely to be tilted. In the case of square boxes, which can be tipped in any direction, it is advisable to affix two Tiltwatch indicators on each of two sides, at 90 degree angles to each other.

In the interest of improving visibility, the included DIN A5 warning stickers should also be used. The sticker, which is in German, English and French, provides shippers with clear information.

Small delivery note stickers: Each Tiltwatch comes with a small delivery note sticker, which you will find in the Tiltwatch package. Affixing these stickers to your delivery notes provides shippers and end customers with additional information when it comes to checking the status of the tilt indicators on the packages.

Using Tiltwatch: five easy steps

1. Affix the Tiltwatch indicator and A5 warning sticker to the package.'
2. When the shipper picks up the package, he signs to indicate that the indicator is intact.
3. The recipient checks the indicator on delivery.
4. The shipper is required to confirm any indicator that is missing or that has been triggered on any delivered package. The shipper is not given a straight receipt.
5. After the delivered products have been thoroughly inspected, they are either okayed, or a shipping damage procedure is opened.

Recording Tiltwatch serial numbers.
Each Tiltwatch has a serial number. Make a note of these numbers in your records, and following delivery check whether any Tiltwatch indicators may have been replaced, if you suspect tampering.

Companion label for increased visual awareness

For optimal package identification, we recommend use of the optional companion label, which is in German and English. Dimensions: 220 x 140 mm

Tilt Watch Companionlabel

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