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Tip-n-Tell tilt indicator

  • Easy to use
  • Visible monitoring solution
  • Reliably show if your package has been tipped
  • Info
  • Usage tips
  • Companion label

Tip-n-Tell reliably detects all shipping irregularities.


Our superbly reliable shipping-incident indicators detect all shipping irregularities without fail. If your shipping cartons need to be kept upright during shipping, our Tip-n-Tell indicators are the ideal solution. They tell you whether your products have been shipped and stored upright, in accordance with your specifications. If the cartons are inclined by more than 60 degrees, blue sand flows into the display field, to which it adheres and where it can be viewed.

Hence shipping irregularities are readily apparent and can be proven beyond any doubt.

Tip-N-Tell’s self adhesive backing allows the indicator to be attached to the packaging.

Usage tips

Once the metal activating tab is pulled (using a pair of pliers) the TIP-N-TELL visually indicates the degree of tipping. As the TIP-N-TELL monitors only one axis, for monitoring two axes two tilt indicators must be attached, at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.

Remove the protective tape from the self adhesive backing and affix the Tip´n Tell vertically to your shipping carton.

Companion label for increased visual awareness

Each indicator comes with this warning label, which is in German, English and French.

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