" We consider not only quality and reliability, but also sensitivity and caring for the environment to be our duty! "


Almost daily, we receive reports that point out the critical state of our environment. We only have to think of buzzwords like climate change, forest decline or deforestation of the rainforests! In the past, the industrialised nations in particular were instrumental in the overexploitation of the environment and its resources. Therefore, today it is more important than ever to include environmental awareness in economic decisions and to promote it in the company - not least out of responsibility towards future generations.

For this reason, we have decided to introduce and continuously develop the QuB project. We see not only quality and reliability, but also feeling and sensitivity for the environment as our duty!

Rainer Ströbel CEO

Quality association of environmentally aware companies

We are aware that everyone can and must make a contribution to the active protection of the environment. Therefore, we have decided to give the idea of environmental protection a face in our company in the form of the QuB project. We are committed to complying with environmentally relevant guidelines and regulations.

Bavarian Environmental Pact

Since summer 2009, we have also been participating in the Bavarian Environmental Pact as an environmentally aware company.


continuous improvements

by recording the current state and formulating further objectives

LED lighting

Wasenmühlweg site converted to LED lighting -> electricity savings of at least 25,000 kwh per year, equal to a CO2 reduction of 9.25 tonnes at the current levels

Installation of photovoltaic system

on the buildings Wasenmühlweg & Mühlsteig -> we produce about 1/3 of our electricity requirements ourselves

Pellet heating at the Mühlsteig site

CO2 emissions of pellet heating system are significantly lower than those of heating systems operated using fossil fuels

Heat recovery

for warm air supply in winter in production halls and warehouses

Paperless office

in order to preserve resources, we have reduced the use of paper as much as possible since 2012

Optimisation of the shipping cartons

saving of approx. 21,500 cardboard boxes per year

Membership WWF

support for the protection of nature and for the preservation of habitats

Development of the recyclable packaging

reduced consumption of non-renewable raw materials with the help of the circular economy

Avoiding packaging waste

regular review of all internal packaging processes

Economical use of raw materials

and reduction of production waste

Maximum possible recycling of our residual waste

by certified disposal companies

Further training of responsible staff

by ongoing raising of awareness among employees to optimise energy use

bicycle leasing for employees

healthy and environmentally friendly to work: we actively promote modern business e-bikes

Water dispenser

reduction of reusable & PET water bottles


We act responsibly

Ströbel is committed to respecting and promoting the principles of human rights, labour law and environmental protection and to applying these internationally recognised standards.

Our Code of Conduct sets standards for our behaviour towards colleagues, business partners and the public and provides globally binding guidelines for legally compliant and ethically responsible action at Ströbel. We are committed to long-term and sustainable action. We take responsibility for meeting economic, social and environmental obligations and challenges. In addition to complying with legal regulations, Ströbel is also committed to the principles of conduct described. Each of us is personally responsible for complying with the standards of our Code of Conduct, the corporate guidelines and the applicable local laws.

The Code of Conduct applies to all Ströbel employees. All new employees receive a copy of the Code of Conduct when they join Ströbel and are required to regularly remind themselves of its principles. The standards for the conduct of our business partners are set out in the Ströbel Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Always here for you.

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All Info

Your Ströbel Contact Partner

in the area of environmental protection, QuB and quality management

Marcus Mayr
Tel:         +49 (0)9101 / 9942-73

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